Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday - Shelter pets are the BEST!

I've decided to post a picture each Monday of one dog and one cat needing adoption from the local Humane Society of Southwest Washington. Though there are thousands who need to be adopted, unfortunately I only have so much room on my blog. Please check out the Southwest Washington Humane Society website to see many more sweet animals who want and need a caring home.

I was very fortunate 3 years ago to have found one of the loves of my life, Miss Hannigan, my Humane Society adopted cat.
She had a sad story just like most of the animals at the shelter. Luckily I found her and since then she has brought immense amounts of joy to my life with her quirky, sassy and lovable personality.


For information on pet adoptions from the Humane Society of Southwest Washington please go to the link provided:

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