Monday, November 10, 2008

When Pants Fit!

I'm not certain about anyone else, but to shop for pants it has to be a day set aside from any other "normal" shopping day. It involves possible drastic measures such as taking the day off of work, or starting out early on a Saturday morning. I would consider myself an average size, but pants and jeans are just plain difficult sometimes.
So, my "pants shopping" experience on Saturday afternoon was one that may never occur again. The "miracle" pants story will be held in my memory bank of historical shopping experiences forever.
Here's the true story...
It was Saturday afternoon, I was in a rush (as always) and I had to stop by the Gap at Pioneer Place to exchange a Tweed Jacket for a different size. I hadn't stopped at J.Crew in a while and I would kick myself if I didn't just go in for a peek at what they had. I browsed around a little and finally made my way back to the "sale" area. I found some amazing looking City-fit pants and decided to try them on, just to see. I also found a cool pair of dark denim trousers that I grabbed on my way to the fitting room. I was crossing my fingers that they would fit right away so that I wouldn't have to waste time finding other sizes.
As I slipped on the pants I swear I heard a choir shout "Hallelujah." The pants fit. Not only did they fit, but they fit WELL! They looked amazing, they felt amazing, the length was perfect and to top it off, they were on SALE!! Okay, that was the first pair. How glorious it would be to get this lucky with the second pair...And VOILA!! I kid you not! In all 100% honesty both pairs glided on with such ease and finesse. The lengths were perfect the fit was to die for. They were HOT items and I HAD TO HAVE THEM! Anxious, the wheels in my semi-greedy mind began turning. How many pairs of pants should I purchase today? How many could I "realistically" afford. A pair in every color? The word COSTCO flashed in front of my face...could I buy pants in bulk?
Okay, so the crazy dreaming lasted just a few seconds. I had to purchase these pieces of gold and still rush down and exchange the jacket.
I knew even though the two pairs of pants were on sale, it would still be a large chunk out of my bank account. It's a J.Crew sale, c'mon. But once again, when the price was rung up and only came to around $63.00 total for BOTH pairs of pants....I could hear the choir sing "HALLELUJAH" again.
I floated out of J.Crew that afternoon with stars in my eyes. What a GLORIOUS, MIRACULOUS afternoon of speed shopping.
As I mentioned before, this is a very, very rare occasion. Thank you J.Crew. I love you.

Pants purchased: City-fit Watson Pant in Dark Slate, and Dark Trouser at J.Crew. :)


chelsea said...

Yippee!!! I love J.Crew pants!

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Glad you found such a great fit and a great deal! Pants shopping is always so frustrating and I'm glad to find I'm not the only one.