Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Best Weekend EVER!!!!

I was in Seattle this weekend visiting friends.
We had such an enjoyable time
and I was given an "insiders" tour of
some of the fun local neighborhoods of the
great northwest city. (I will be posting more later on).
Besides Seattle being a blast, another amazing
event took place this weekend...

Olivia, my bestest friend, has the ultimate story to tell.
It involves...
A boy finding a girl. Boy and girl becoming friends. Boy and girl
fall in love. Boy and girl break up. Boy goes away to
South America. Girl moves to Denver.
Girl is heart broken.
Boy is heartbroken.
Boy and girl miss each other immensely.
Boy returns and discovers girl has moved away.
Boy has a realization that he can't live without girl.
Boy drives 372 miles overnight to propose to girl.
Boy proposes. Girl says YES!
Boy and girl are happy and in love!!

The End
(or...The Beginning)!

Now the FUN and wedding planning can begin.
I would like to post fun, inspiring, beautiful wedding
ideas and pictures over the next couple of months or until the
two lovers tie the knot. I've collected a plethora of
wedding photos and ideas from other blogs and pictures I've found.
Feel free to contribute ideas or pictures as well.
No matter what, Olivia is going to be the most
beautiful bride EVER because she's so amazing!!!!

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