Monday, January 5, 2009

Abandoned Animals Needing Homes

SUGAR (pet id: 6558)
Sugar is an 11 year old Heeler and Border Collie Mix who came to the
shelter as a stray. When her family was notified
they never showed up to bring Sugar home. :(
(That doesn't sound like family to me...that sounds more like ABANDONERS)!!!
Everyone could use a little extra sweetness in their home. Please adopt Sugar
and help this sweet elderly woman live out her
final days in a loving home with a REAL family.
For more information on how to take this gentle woman home, go to:

BRYANT (pet id: 6840)
Hold on to your tissue box folks, we've got another tear-jerker.
Bryant is a handsome 6 year old red tabby domestic short hair.
He was brought to the shelter by a neighbor who noticed one day that
Bryant's owners had moved and left him
at the vacant house alone...ABANDONED. :(
I'm not quite sure why people would just up and leave their
family pet in an abandoned house. I can only think of two scenarios:
A. The "people" or "Bryant's former owners," were very suspicious and
thought that Bryant was bugged with a GPS device that would lead the FBI
to their location.
B. The "people" thought that a king would happen upon
Bryant and legally adopt him and bequeath his kingdom and
power to Bryant who would one day reign as king-(A twisted
Moses type story that involves a feline,
and no floating down a river in a basket.)
To retrieve more info on this lovely lad, please go to:

JULES (pet id: 5849)
Lovely, lovely Jules is 8 years old. She's a mix of
a lot of different breeds which makes
her genealogy that much more exciting.
Unfortunately Jules is the stereo-typical latch-key foster kid, being
bounced around from home to home, never having anything permanent. :(
She's a lovely, sweet girl who is very affectionate. She would prefer
to be the only dog in the home. (She really likes the attention).
Please look for more info on Jules at

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