Thursday, May 7, 2009

~ The Getty Center

On my trip to L.A. over the weekend my friends and I
visited The Getty Center located in the foothills of
the Santa Monica Mountains.
I've been to a lot of museums, but this is by far
one of my favorites. It has such an amazing view
and it was so peaceful. We had arrived on a Sunday
afternoon and so the crowds had not yet gathered.
We ate lunch in the cafe and then toured the gardens
and different areas of the museum, mainly focusing on
Impressionist favorite.
Here are a couple of pics of the Getty Center, and paintings.

(Above painting: The Convalescent by Edgar Degas)

(Irises by Vincent van Gogh)

(Portrait of Louise-Antoinette Feuardent by Jean-Francoise Millet)

(Portrait of Jeanne Kefer by Fernand Khnopff)

(Partial shot of the gardens at the Getty Center)

(Outdoor cafe seating at The Getty Center)


Sara said...

I love the Getty! The verticality (did I make this word up?) of the space as it sits atop the hill makes my heart soar.

Thanks for showing my favorite painting from their collection. Most of the paintings I found underwhelming, actually. For me, the Getty is the architecture and landscape. By far and away my favorite piece is the Fernand Khnopff painting. I saw it from an adjoining room and became a moth to a flame. It mesmerized me for quite awhile.

chelsea said...

This looks amazing, Amber!!