Friday, May 29, 2009

Girl at the Beach

I think I've always been a beach girl. My family lived in
Puerto Rico when I was 4 and that's where I had
my first taste of the salty ocean.
Tomorrow my friend and I are going on vacation
to Oahu. Some may consider Honolulu/Waikiki
the most touristy of the islands (I agree).
But I have roots, literally on the island of Oahu.
My grandmother is buried at the Valley of the Temples.
Each time I've been to Oahu to vacation or to live,
I've made it a point to find her grave and place
flowers on it. Unfortunately I never had the
opportunity to meet her. Maybe that's why
I love Oahu so much. I have family memories there.
I had the chance to live in Laie, HI on the North Shore
at a couple of different times in my life. I love that
part of the island. It's plush with green jungle vines
and pristine beaches. Driving by some of the
top surfing beaches in the world you see old trucks
with surf boards sticking out or loaded on the roof of a rusted out car.
Oh yes, the beach life, as I had shared a couple of months
ago with my crush on the movie Blue Crush and the
surfer lifestyle.
Anyway...I'm becoming nostalgic. Just a plane ride
tomorrow and I'll be back to my old roots and sand.
Have a fabulous week!!!
(Photo: First trip to Hanauma Bay. Classic photo with toes in the shot, my scrunched smile, and an unknown man standing shirtless in pants on the beach. Classic.)

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Darla said...

I want YOUR job, Amber!! What is up with all these fun trips?! Jealouos! I can't believe your Gma is buried at that temple! We've been there..crazy. You do have some great roots. So, how ARE you? What's up..?!