Friday, May 15, 2009

Pretty Birds...

I purchased this black ornate frame from IKEA
about 2 years ago. It has been sitting in my closet this entire time.
Initially I wanted to replace the clear glass with
a mirror. Unfortunately I just haven't taken
the time to do it. I also had the idea of placing a
portrait of Miss Hannigan (cute gray cat) inside the frame.
But once again, I just haven't taken the time to do it.
So...I finally had a simple idea that took
maybe 5 minutes to complete.

I purchased the fabric at IKEA ($2.99/yard-Cecilia fabric).
I like the bird pattern because when I look at the frame
I can imagine seeing the birds outside as though
I'm peering through a window.

I used the inside paper of the frame to place as
a template on the fabric. I traced around the template
with a pencil making sure to add at least one inch extra
around the edges and...cut, cut, cut...

Almost finished...

I placed the white paper that I used as a template
behind the fabric, and then placed
the frame cardboard behind that.
I latched the little hooky things on the sides of
the frame to keep everything in place...AND

VOILA! C'est fini.


Hey, It's Ansley said...

LOVE it!

Ann Marie said...

VERY good idea! Might steal it one of these days!

Darla said... it. And when did you go to France, and learn to speak French?!

Christina said...

That looks great! I found this blog through a search for Ikea fabric...I also bought that fabric recently.