Monday, October 5, 2009

Crete is Great

We landed in Crete last week. Little by
little we are beginning to feel like locals, shopping at the neighborhood markets, cooking at our apartment, enjoying evening views from our rooftop at night.
Hania is where our apartment is located. It bustles with
activity during the late afternoon and evening hours. The mornings are quiet except for the shop owners preparing their items to sell. Our neighborhood is quaint like out of a travel
book with old buildings and balconies with vines growing everywhere. There are so many tiny hidden restaurants and cafes around every corner. 


Ann Marie said...

so so great! loving all your photos and your descriptions. what a lovely vacation!

Darla said...

Your apartment??! What?! Are you LIVING there?! I really need more updates from you so I can live tHROUGH you, okay? Wow.., I'm green with envy!