Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday ~ NW 5TH AVENUE

Brown Corduroy Pants - hand me down from bff

Ankle Boots - Camper

White V-Neck T - J.Crew

Scarf - Home made

Tweed Jacket - Gap
Brown Leather Belt - Gap


chelsea said...

Adorable! Keep 'em coming! Loving the outfits.

Sara said...

These are so fun! I've loved all of the outfits thus far. I like this one too, except for one little thing. The proportions seem off on the jacket when paired with the belt. Maybe a different belt (like the double one from the other day) would keep it from looking a bit bottom heavy to me.

amberJ said...

That's good you made mention of that Sara. I was thinking the same thing. The jacket has pleats in the back that are attached to each other and it makes for "bulkiness." Ugh!