Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Shelter Pets for Adoption!!!

EDWARD CULLEN (pet id:5186)
Could this devastatingly handsome young man be THE Edward Cullen?
For all you TWILIGHT fans out there...This guy is HOT! And you
could only be so lucky to adopt him and take him home with you.
Just think...Your very own Edward Cullen. (Sigh)
Make Bella Swan jealous and adopt this
drop dead gorgeous guy today!!!

For more information on how to adopt a vamp...oops, I mean CAT,
go to:

JENNI-GIRL (pet id:6385) is a beautiful 9 month old
Brown Tabby female. She came to the shelter as a stray
and so there is not a lot of information about her.
She does have soft thick fur that can keep your feet warm.
Jenni-Girl could definitely use a hug
and a permanent home for the holidays and beyond.

For more info on this lovely lass go to:

BUTCH (pet id: 6367) is looking forward to being adopted so
that he can enjoy Christmas in a warm loving home.
Butch is a 7 month old Australian Cattle Dog and Boxer mix.
Butch and his dad Buddy came to the shelter from an aggressive home.
Butch may be shy at first, but will hopefully find a home
where hitting isn't a common occurrence. Butch is not
fond of cats and so a cat free home would be preferred.

For more info on this lovable guy check out:

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