Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday ~ Lovable Animals for Adoptions

APOLLO (pet id:7110)
Who would have ever thought that the son of Commander Adama of
the Battlestar Galactica would find his way to
the animal shelter in Vancouver. I'm sure Apollo
was just on earth doing some research when the ship left
without him. Apollo has been doing really well
blending in with others. He is approximately 3 years old
and is a Rottweiler/Labrador Retriever mix.
He's already got the cute cuddly guy thing going for him.
I'm sure many millenniums down the road, the crew will circle
that big starship around and return for Apollo. Until then
please adopt him and give him a loving earth home.
Show him that earthlings can be kind and gentle and that
we don't all have an agenda to blow up our world.
For more info on sweet, lovable Apollo please visit:

CAGANAR (pet id: 6177)
Caganar comes from the hit show
"Cagney & Lacey." After the show was canceled in
the late 1980's she wandered aimlessly
through the streets of L.A.
trying to find her connection in life.
Hoping to restart her acting career
in a fresh new area she found her way to
the Pacific Northwest. Unable to find work
Caganar has been on the streets.
Luckily she showed up to the animal shelter
to find a meal and warm sleeping quarters.
Caganar is ready to settle down and
be part of someone's family. Her wandering days are over.
Please adopt her and see what a star she is!
For more info on Caganar please check out:

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