Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday ~ Shelter Animals for Adoption!!!

DINGO (pet id: 7442)
"The dingo ate your baby?" No, not this Dingo!
This girl is a softy with a big heart who is
super excited and likes to jump a lot. She has
been house-trained, but still likes to jump
around which might scare little kids.
Dingo is also not a fan of cats.
This lady is gorgeous. Adopt her today!!
For more info on D-I-N-G-O visit:

TINY DANCER (pet id:7400)
"Hold me closer tiny dancer..."
This lovely little girl came to the shelter as a stray.
She's known to be happy and loves to cuddle in sheets of linen.
Secretly I think she was an Elton John groupie that
wanted to begin a new life off the road.
For her young age I'm sure she's seen a lot and
counted even more headlights on the highway.
She now just wants to settle down.
For more info on this famous feline go to:

NANCY GRACE (pet id:6906)
This outspoken lady strolled into the shelter as
a stray with a bad eye. Unfortunately her
eye had to be removed,
but that didn't ruin Nancy Grace .
She's known at the shelter as amazingly sweet,
and wants nothing more than to be pet and loved.
She's extremely personable and will follow you everywhere.
If you're looking for a unique pet, here's your chance.
For more info on this pretty lady go to:
(mini eye patch not included)

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