Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday - Shelter Pets for Adoption

BUDDY (pet id: 6366)
Buddy came to the shelter because
his former owners lost their home in a pyramid scheme.
During his stay at the shelter it was noticed that
Buddy's former owners had
been extra harsh with him, and so Buddy is
a little hand-shy. Buddy is a sweet loveable little guy
who needs a kind, comfortable home. Buddy is
also not very fond of cats, and so a non-cat home would be best.
For more info on this amazing little fellow contact:

ANTONIO BANDERAS (pet id: 6400)
LOOK OUT LADIES!! The shelter has got a
latino caliente (hot latino male) on location!
Could YOU be so lucky? No se (I don't know).
This hombre (guy) was a stray. He's strikingly handsome
and muy (very) suave.
Come and take a look and decide if you're cool enough to adopt
a guy this CALIENTE (hot)!
For more info on Antonio Banderas check out:

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Sara said...

I love that the cat's name is Antonio Banderas.