Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hip it up Miss Hannigan!

Poor Miss Hannigan (L). She has always gotten a bad rap as
the sassy, wanna-be seductive orphanage care taker.
Little did we know, her slinky, silky, un-kept style
would appear outside the orphanage one day...

Erika Tanov recreates an eclectic, layered shoulder
baring look with sheer patterned tights.
(Image Erica Tanov Autumn 2005 Collection).

Fall 2003 brings silky nude thigh high tights matched
with cream colored stappy heels, and a little shimmy shimmy
of a layered silk ruffle dress
(Image found in back issue of Lucky magazine).

Red burgundy tights really light up a disheveled
light weight dress by Alberta Ferretti.
(Image found in back issue of Lucky magazine).

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chelsea said...

Love the Erica Tanov photo. She is one of my favorite designers. I love that whole look