Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Shelter Animals for Adoption!!!

MACK (pet id: 7024)
This poor little guy was dropped off at the shelter because
his family fell on hard times (after the violin solo quits playing
I'll continue...)
Big Mack has a big heart. He's very active and loves to play, but
also loves some down time when he can just sit in your lap and be pet.
For more info on the Big Mack Attack,
visit the Southwest Washington Humane Society.

ABY (pet id: 5463)
This little girl is sweet and loving. She knows basic obedience commands,
and is a phenomenal ballet dancer with tons of energy.
A home with no other dogs would be preferred since Aby likes all the attention.
Take this sweet, smart girl home with you today.
For more info please contact the
Southwest Washington Humane Society.

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