Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Animals for Adoption!!!

POE (pet id:7342)
This cute girl wiggles and gives lots of kisses
when she's happy. The day she wandered into the shelter
she was in need of food and a bath. Now that she's
well fed and cleaned up, she's ready for a new home.
Please give this Poe girl a happy home.
For more info visit the Southwest Washington Humane Society.

CALLUM BLUE (pet id: 7141)
WHOA!! This cat is the Brad Pitt of cats. He is soooo hot. He'll make all
the ladies purr in your neighborhood.
Not only does he have good looks, he's also an affectionate sweetheart.
Give yourself a Valentines Day gift you'll never forget.
Adopt Callum Blue today!!
For more info on this hot, hot, hottie...
visit the Southwest Washington Humane Society today!!

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