Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh The Sunny Surfing Life...

Sitting at my desk today glaring at the snow falling outside,
I suddenly had the desire to watch the movie Blue Crush.
The movie wasn't a smash hit back in the day, but
for me, parts of the sunny, surfer lifestyle just can't
be beat...especially living in the NW on a dreary day
like today.

Parts of the sunny, surfer life I'd enjoy most...
A. hanging out at the beach in my bathing suit all day long
B. driving around in a rusted out car with a surf board on the roof rack
C. being tan year round/and having dark tan lines to prove it.
D. having my hair get bleached out by the sun and surf
(the natural "beach" look)

**personal disclaimer: of course the items listed may not benefit my
physical health with too much exposure, such as too much sun (bad for the skin), bleached out hair (bad for the hair), rusted out cars (bad for the environment)...Whatever!

At this very moment I would gladly give up my pasty white skin for a dark tan, and my drab boring winterized hair for a sunny bright bleached out look.
I envy Malibu Barbie today and her never fading tan-line.


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Hey, It's Ansley said...

Me too! We've had a pretty good winter but I woke up grumpy b/c of the rain.