Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April - May Fashion Crush ~ Sofia Coppola

I'm dedicating April and May Fashion Crush status to
Sofia Coppola.
She has always impressed me with her simple, classic,
comfortable style. There's something about her
that radiates quiet chic. Her movies are another
expression of her creativity. There is a subtle overcast of
clever style mixed with color, ambiance and music.

Here's an article written about Sofia Coppola's Paris.
Another reason why Sofia is so hip...
She enjoys Paris, France in her own stylish way.


Amber said...

Sophia is wonderful, that is one classy lady. Love your new bike too, Schwinns are the best. So jealous.

P.S lovely lil blog. And i'm an Amber J too...

chelsea said...

Did you know Sufjan Stevens wrote a song for her? Also.. have you seen her cutie paris commercial! I love her look..Wish I could get my hair to look like hers. It looks so undone but still looks good.

STORY said...

You are so spot-on with your description and admiration for Sophia Coppola!! I feel the same way. She has done really well to carve out a quiet yet distinct style all her own. She is her father's daughter, but she is not in his shadow - she radiates in a way that is all her own, and it shows in her work and her personal style. Bravo to you to choose her as a style-crush!!