Monday, April 27, 2009

The Schwinn has Friends!

Last week I purchased a 1970's era Schwinn World Tourist
10 speed bike from a sweet elderly gentleman who
buys old bikes and fixes them up.
The bike had its debut ride on Saturday afternoon
at Luscher Farms in Oregon.
(Green gingham blouse: American Eagle Outfitters,
Blue Button up sweater: BP Nordstrom,
Cotton denim knickers: Gap, Belt: Anthropologie)

Chelsea looking springy.
Can you tell it was in the low 50's and raining?
Thanks to Chelsea's mom, we borrowed a basket
and fastened it to the handle bars of the bike with
wire ties. Looks cool huh? And it was so easy and free.
(Yellow Cardigan: BP Nordstrom,
Springy Dress: LUX at Urban Outfitters)

Yo! Styled out on my new ride

This was a great Polaroid that our friend Rachelle took.
Unfortunately there's a smudge over the bikey,
or it could be a ghostly image wanting a photo op.


chelsea said...

your ensemble really was so cute!! thanks for a fun day!

Sara said...

I love these photos and congratulations on the cool looking schwinn. Bonus that you got photos of Chelsea!

Darla said...

Is this your blog? What's up?!

b.a.n. said...

What a fun, creative blog. I always enjoy finding friends' blogs. I should try to be more creative with mine.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

You are both so cute!